Where are you located?
We are located with Modish Wraps off of 610 and Airline.


What does RGB, RGBW, and RGBWA mean?

RGB is an LED chip that allows the three colors red, green, and blue to make any color on the spectrum. When trying to produce white, combining all three colors gives off a cool white appearance. The RGBW and RGBWA LED chips have an extra white LED that give off a pure white color. The RGBWA has an amber LED that can be used as a turn signal.

What are switchbacks?

Switchback refers to the product blinking amber, to be used as a turn signal, and then switching back to the original color.

What is a projector retrofit?

It is an upgrade that can be installed when the factory headlamps come with a chrome bowl. A chrome bowl is normally equipped with a halogen bulb, however this produces a low light output. Converting a halogen bulb to an HID would be equivalent of driving with your high beams on and is not recommended. Retrofitting a projector is the proper way to convert this type of light to an HID because the protector produces a cut off that eliminates the light from blinding other drivers.

What is the difference between a Demon Eye and Halo/Angel Eye?
A Halo/Angel Eye is a group of LEDs in the shape of a ring that sits on top of the projector shroud. The Demon Eye is consisted of multiple LEDs placed inside the projector to create a full circle appearance.

What other types of lighting do you do?

Besides headlights, taillights, underglows, and interior, we can also customize anything including your house, boat, ATV, or motorcycle. Call us for a custom quote.

I don't see my car listed, will you work on any type of vehicle?

Yes, just text or email sales@houstonhalos.com a picture for a custom quote.

Policy and Procedure

What is your warranty?

1 year warranty on all parts and labor. Warranty does not cover shipping charges. Some products may have longer warranty coverage through the product manufacturer which covers replacement parts, but not labor if warranty is past one year.

What is your refund policy?
Once payment has been made and parts are ordered, there is no refund.

What payment methods are accepted?
Payments must be paid in full at time of order. We accept cash, credit, and PayPal.

Do you ship?
We do offer worldwide shipping, but it must be paid for by the customer. A separate price for shipping will be quoted after completion.